Shop Policies and FAQs

What size should I buy?

Measure, measure, measure! I provide the back of the pattern envelope for you to review the measurements and specifications.  The fit is up to you and solely your responsibility.   Tip for beginner sewists:  Size numbers mean absolutely nothing with sewing patterns; do not correlate them to the sizes found in stores.   Measurements are everything in the sewing world.  There are fantastic online tutorials about measuring for sewing projects and I encourage you to review a few of them before purchasing a pattern.

What are your shipping policies?

First Class USPS non-priority shipping within the USA is included in the pattern price.  I ship within two business days.  Please note that I do not control the United States Post Office.  After I deliver the items to USPS, there may be delays in delivery.  It is as frustrating to me as it is to you when that happens, but I can only promise that I will do my part and ship within two business days of your purchase.  You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information so you can follow your shipment's progress.  I will not pay shipping a second time if you did not enter the correct address in your order.   

How do you decide your pricing?

I choose to objectively set my prices by decade of manufacture date, respecting how many years the pattern has survived uncut, as opposed to subjective markups based on fashion trends.  

"I can get that at a yard sale for a quarter."

That's true, and a small amount of my inventory was even acquired that way.  The value-add I provide in this shop is a searchable and filterable database.  A great deal of time, thought, and effort goes into creating a shop where you can efficiently search hundreds of sewing patterns, i.e., by decade, by size, or by garment type.   You can't get that at a yard sale, not even for a quarter.

Is the pattern in the photo the same one I will receive?

The pattern that I used for the main listing photograph may not be the exact one you receive, due to multiple sizes, quantity, and restocks.  The listing photos show you my catalog.  I sometimes have dozens of the same pattern and listing detailed photos of each pattern individually is impossible.  Every single pattern in my shops meets the following three standards:  (1) The pattern is uncut; (2) The instructions are intact; and (3) All of the necessary information provided on the envelope is readable.  If you are considering purchasing a pattern and would like photos of the exact one you would receive, please feel free to contact me before purchasing for photos and more detailed information about the specific pattern you are considering. 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of selling sewing patterns, all patterns are sold as-is.  

Do you offer gift cards?

The perfect gift for any sewist.  PennDragonflyKids Gift Cards do not expire.  If you would like a different amount than the options offered, please contact me.  This is a digital gift card only.  If you would like a customized printable pdf to give to your gift recipient, I'm happy to create one for you.  Turnaround times may vary for the customized pdf, but I will let you know up front what to expect regarding timing.

What if I don't see the pattern I want when I search the shop?

It may be in my inventory, waiting its turn to be listed.  I post new items as quickly as I can, but I always have thousands more to list and my pending inventory is well-organized.  I am happy to check my inventory for the pattern you seek.  Click here to submit your request.


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