McCall's 5960 (1992) Top, Overalls, and Leggings with Length Variations - Vintage Uncut Sewing Pattern M5960

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PennDragonflyKids is your new home for sewing patterns to make clothes, accessories, and gifts for infants, toddlers, and children. 


All of my inventory meets the following three standards: 

(1) The pattern is uncut. 
(2) The instructions are intact.  
(3) All of the necessary information provided on the envelope is readable.

Envelopes may have stickers, handwriting, discoloration, tears, and/or show aging with normal wear and tear. Envelopes protect the patterns and this often results in battle scars.  To me, these markings, tears, and creases are part of the pattern's history and they add vintage character, just like my own battle scars.   In sum, I select my inventory based on pattern condition (uncut), not envelope condition.  The main purpose of this shop is to prevent the waste of useful patterns.  Therefore, my simple requirement for envelope condition is that all of the necessary information is readable. 


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